How to Handle your First Sales Job

The first question you will need to ask yourself is, Why do you want a career in Sales? Is it because you have heard how sales people earn a lot on their commission or you are more comfortable in client/customer facing role rather than sitting on a desk job. It may also be that you are fed up with your own job, and you’re considering sales as one of a number of possible career options.

Good News! You don’t need an experience to kick off a career in sales, it’s a profession that welcomes all types of level of work experience. You must be willing to handle the pressure on the job, have that passion & commitment for the role.

How to Handle your First Sales Job:

First of all you will need to find a mentor whom you can shadow and learn from. Once you find your mentor, ask them about what they have learned over the years. What are the best tactics to get hold of your prospects/customers. How to handle the pressure and though clients.

Before you reach out to any prospects/customers the first thing is you will need to convince yourself that the product/services you are selling will solve not only customer’s problem but also yours. If you don’t believe in your product/services, you won’t be able to passionately sell it to.

The beginning of sales career can end up with lot of frustration with the amount of rejections to handle, not able to find new customer and many other reason. This should not stop you in pursuing your sales career.

You have to be really passionate about your job, need to keep that patience. Remember even salespeople who have been in the business for a decade get rejected once in a while, so don’t let this stop you.

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