Golden Globes 2019: How to live-stream the show, where to watch on TV; complete coverage

  • Where to watch on TV: The Golden Globes airs Sunday, Jan. 6, on NBC at 8 p.m. (All times Eastern.)
  • Where to watch the show online: If you have one of these cable providers, you can watch on or via the NBC app in select markets. Or, find a live stream on DirecTV Now, Sling TV, fuboTV or YouTube TV in markets with a local NBC station.
  • Who’s going to win: This is just a guess, but get ready to hear “And the award goes too . . . ‘A Star Is Born!’ ” a lot on Sunday. The critical favorite has five nominations, which is tied with “Green Book” and “The Favourite.” Dick Cheney biopic “Vice” technically has the most nominations with six, but it has suffered some pretty negative reviews since its release. On the TV side, expect a tough fight between HBO’s “Sharp Objects” and FX’s “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” in the limited series category; the drama and comedy prizes are tougher to predict, though you should see Julia Roberts win for Amazon’s “Homecoming.” (Globes voters really love when movie stars do TV.)

This post will update frequently throughout the night with live updates. Refresh to update.

7:20: Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb are married?! That’s really the only update, but as Rockwell talked about his role as George W. Bush in “Vice,” that’s all we could think about. Random Hollywood couples are always an unexpected gift of the red carpet.

7:09: Ryan Seacrest asked Lady Gaga, the front-runner for best actress in a motion picture, drama, whether playing pop star Ally in “A Star Is Born” felt different from the outlandish characters she has portrayed throughout her musical career.

“It’s very different,” Gaga said, at the start of a winding response. “I think I’ve created characters for years so I could be an actress, because I always wanted to be one and couldn’t make it.”

Through Ally, Gaga learned “a lot about going to the nectar of your being.”

7:06: “I was really amazed. I guess now I’ll have to keep my name,” veteran actress Carol Burnett told Ryan Seacrest of hearing that she would receive the inaugural Carol Burnett Award, the show’s highest honor for achievement in television. “Maybe they’ll give it to me every year.”

7:03: So apparently the cast of “This Is Us” knows how the series will end. “I hope it doesn’t end soon,” Justin Hartley said, but “I kind of know how the series ends.”

It’s time to pepper all of the cast members with questions that will somehow trip them up into revealing those details.

6:59: Thandie Newton, nominated in the best supporting actress category for her role as Maeve Millay in “Westworld,” said she didn’t read the script for the HBO show before signing on. She was simply a fan of the show’s creators, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. “I loved the setup, I loved what they were going to do with my character,” she told Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest asked Newton about her daughter, Nico, who has made a foray into acting (you can see her in the upcoming live-action version of “Dumbo,” directed by Tim Burton). Newton is proud — and protective — of her daughter. “She’s got me to just be this she-tiger just waiting to pounce at any moment, just looking after her,” the actress — whose gorgeous red carpet curls and sparkly silver dress drew Diana Ross comparisons on social media — told Seacrest.

6:54: The misidentification of celebrities is occurring, once again, on the red carpet. Jameela Jamil, who plays Tahani Al-Jamil on “The Good Place,” was identified as “Kamilah Al-Jamil” during the E! red carpet coverage. Was it by accident? Maybe not: Tahani lives in the shadow of her more famous, more beloved sister, Kamilah.

6:52: Over on NBC, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears are locked in a close (10-9, Eagles) — and, most notably, slow — wild card playoff game. The NFL usually doesn’t cross paths with the Golden Globes, but the game could present a scheduling conflict. The network is set to air the Globes at 8 p.m. This slog of a playoff game, moving at the speed of molasses, could push the awards show back — especially if the game goes into overtime.

It’s unclear exactly what would happen if the game goes long, but an NBC spokesman reportedly said, “We plan to air both live in their entirety.”

6:47: Help! Chris Messina, who starred in HBO’s “Sharp Objects” alongside nominees Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson, now has BLOND HAIR. Was he sorted into Slytherin? Does he really love Pete Wentz? Or perhaps it’s for a role?

6:44: Alison Brie said she’s not feeling so nervous this year, since she got “all the first-time jitters” out last year.

Brie is nominated for best actress in a TV series, musical or comedy for her role as one of the gorgeous ladies of wrestling in Netflix’s “GLOW.” Though she was wearing a custom Vera Wang dress on the red carpet, she chatted about her physical transformation for the show instead. For the role, she underwent intense training, including performing pull ups “with 25 pounds attached to my body,” she said, adding that though she had already been training for years, “when we started shooting ‘GLOW,’ I said ‘Let’s up the ante,’ because I wanted to get really strong.”

She added that getting in shape was important because everyone on the show performs their own stunts, which can be frightening but “you just clear your head and go for it.”

6:39: “This Is Us” creator Dan Fogelman shared a delightfully awkward moment from last year’s ceremony on Twitter. We’ve all been there, right?

The NBC tear-jerker isn’t nominated this year, but Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson on the show, will be presenting.

6:32: Michelle Yeoh appeared on the red carpet wearing the emerald ring that her “Crazy Rich Asians” character, the formidable Eleanor Young, gives her son so he can propose to his girlfriend. The ring is from Yeoh’s own jewelry collection, according to Vulture.

6:28: It’s worth calling attention to photos of these three humans cleaning up quite well (although Jameela Jamil’s character in “The Good Place,” Tahani Al-Jamil, always looks fabulous).

The NBC comedy which stars Jamil, center, as well as William Jackson Harper, left, and Manny Jacinto, is nominated for best TV musical or comedy series, and lead actress Kristen Bell is nominated for best actress in a TV musical or comedy series.

6:23: Look who arrived at the Globes — will it be another Sean Spicer-Emmys moment?

Earlier, Anthony Scaramucci posted a video on Twitter of him and his wife, Deidre Ball, on the way to the show. They saw a gathering of people outside the venue and at first thought they were facing protesters, but it turns out it was a group of fans cheering for the stars.

“That’s nice. That’s unusual,” Ball said. “It’s usually, ‘We hate you, whoever. Scaramucci.’”

“No, we’re not getting any protesters tonight. We’re pretty much okay in Hollywood because you’re such a lefty, baby,” Scaramucci said. “Hollywood loves Mrs. Mooch.”

6:19: After a brief tour of the extensive red carpet, an E! anchor said that it is 902 feet long — apparently the length of three football fields.

6:11: Lin-Manuel Miranda won’t be on the red carpet or at the Golden Globes ceremony tonight, but he sent his well wishes from Puerto Rico via a recorded message. He’s there to play the title role in “Hamilton,” in a production that is intended in part to help revive Puerto Rico’s economy in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Miranda — who is nominated for his role in “Mary Poppins Returns” for best actor in a motion picture, comedy or musical — also announced on the E! telecast that he’s raffling off 50 pairs of tickets to closing night of Puerto Rico’s “Hamilton” production to raise money for Puerto Rican artists.

6:00: Idris Elba’s 17-year-old daughter, Isan, is this year’s Golden Globe ambassador (formerly known as Miss or Mr. Golden Globe). “She’s so confident. I’m just like so proud,” her famous father — in a vibrant three-piece tuxedo by British designer Ozwald Boateng — told Ryan Seacrest. “I can’t help but be a dad.”

Seacrest asked Elba about his recently announced Coachella gig. Elba, a longtime DJ, said he plays house music and promises to “rock” the annual music festival. “I can’t wait,” he said, calling the gig “a lifetime ambition.”

Will Isan be there? Yes, she told Seacrest. Her dad didn’t seem so sure.

5 p.m.: Awards season officially kicks off on Sunday night with the Golden Globes, also known as the show where everyone can (and typically does!) drink quite a bit. We already have many questions.

Will “A Star Is Born” dominate every drama category, as it has officially been deemed not-a-musical? Could “Green Book” and “Vice” overcome mediocre reviews to win lots of trophies? How will the best director winner (Alfonso Cuarón? Bradley Cooper?) set the stage for the Oscars? Will “The Americans” finally win best drama for its final season, or could newcomers “Killing Eve” or “Homecoming” take the crown?

The three-hour telecast, hosted by Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time on NBC . . . provided the Philadelphia Eagles-Chicago Bears playoff game doesn’t go into overtime. Red carpet coverage began at 6 p.m. on E!

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